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How To Plant a Container Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to create a container garden? I can show you how in 10 easy steps!   How To Plant a Container Garden in 10 Easy Steps Some times, a full sized garden is just not going to work for you. It might be that you don’t have a large plot of land, or it might be that you live … [Read more...]

Spring Formal Shopping for Under $100

    Spring Formal time is here, and that means shopping with my 14 year old niece. I love a good deal and with it being spring formal time around here - we headed to the consignment stores to do some shopping. Luckily, we have a really nice consignment shop that has great clothes and … [Read more...]

Pay It Forward to Operation Smile

    I love when my shopping can pay it forward to someone in need. Being a college student, each semester I have to get books for all of my classes. I like to shop with Campus Book Rentals to save on my books. I am able to save 40% - 90% by shopping with Campus Book Rentals. Plus you … [Read more...]

Helping Your Family Learn Through Technology

  As technology advances, we are all finding new ways to learn. From the youngest to the oldest, it has made learning easier and can also challenge us in new ways. Children are now able to learn by watching movies, playing video games, and online learning. Technology has changed the way that … [Read more...]

FREE Online Logo Maker

      As a blogger, sometimes I need to make a quick item for a giveaway and other things that we are doing. Paying a graphic designer all the time is not something that you can do because of the expenses. I was really glad when I found this free logo maker because it was … [Read more...]