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50 of the BEST Boys Backpacks You Can Buy on Amazon

50 of the BEST Boys Backpacks You Can Buy on Amazon   I can't believe that it is time to get the back to school shopping done for our family! I know that many of you are just starting your back to school shopping because you start back to school later than we do! If you need to do some … [Read more...]

DIY Plumbing Fixes Anyone Can Manage

Are you worried about paying a plumber for anything involving your bathroom or kitchen repairs? Don't worry. There are tons of simple DIY Plumbing fixes that anyone can manage. Between our tips and the tutorials available out there from others, you'll easily be able to manage common issues with your … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall Victim to a Mortgage Relief Scam

As you spend your life planning, working, and doing the things you love – you are also building a home. Not just a house or a place to hang your hat. Life is pretty great right? You have a good job, you have a home, and things are sunny. Until disaster strikes. No one wants to think about it, but … [Read more...]