What is CircumNews and Is It Legit?


What is CircumNews and Is It Legit?

**PLEASE be sure to check out the updates below!!**

*I have received several emails asking about why the post had been deleted. This post was not deleted due to anything that was found out about the company. We experienced a technical issue that caused a ton of our blog post to get lost. I apologize about this! We were not able to get back the 100+ comments from our readers, but we invite you to leave comments if you have questions!*

Earlier today in our Facebook Group, I posted about a new site that was for earning income at home.

The biggest question everyone asked was – Is CircumNews Legit?

CircumNews is very new and they take up to 14 days to transfer the money to your PayPal. At this point, I have not yet received a payment from them. But I have cashed out – TWICE!

You are paid $2.00 (or more) per item that they ask you to read. You must reach $100.00 in your account to cash out. (Payout amount has changed to $350!)

While I have not yet been paid – there is nothing to lose by just trying it out! You are not required to give ANY personal information such as address or birth date. I simply put in my first name, last name, and PayPal email!

How to Get Started:
Visit CircumNews and Sign up for FREE
Click “Read News”
Click on the article that you want to read
Read what is required
Click Confirm
Answer the captcha

Another note that I wanted to be sure and add is that when you are being asked for your PayPal account number – that is your sign in email.

**UPDATE 11/8 – Many people have been asking how often the news is available to read. When we first started researching CircumNews, we were finding online that there was news each day. I signed up on 11/5 and today I have new news articles to read and earn from!

**UPDATE 11/9 – As of today the website has been updated and the payout is now $350.

**UPDATE 11/20 – Many users are visiting the site and being told that their login information is not correct. I’ve not experienced this issue as of yet.

**UPDATE 11/21 – I’ve had many comments asking if I have gotten paid yet. I submitted my first payout on Nov 5th before they raised the minimum payout. It takes 14 business days according to their website. So there should only be a few more days. I’m hoping that the jump in payout does not change things with me getting paid.

**UPDATE 12/2/ – As of yet, no payment has been deposited into my PayPal. It was listed that payment would be issued in 14 business days and payout was $100 when I started. Right after my first payout request is when the payout went to $350. I allowed for extra time due to the payout change and holidays as well. Today was the first day that I was able to request a payout of $350, but I’m not going to hold my breathe on payment. You are more than welcome to sign up and test your luck! Maybe we will all get lucky and payments will start showing up!

**UPDATE 12/9 – Today I received a screen shot of “payment” from a fan. After doing some searching, I was not able to connect the name from PayPal to CircumNews. I decided to give PayPal a call again since I had new information and see if they would be able to tell me anything. They did not find the name listed on the screen shot anywhere in PayPal, but this time they were able to find CircumNews with a business account. I asked Kayla (the rep from PayPal that I spoke with) to email me with the findings that CircumNews did have an account. I’m attaching a screen shot of this. It gives me a little more positive hope, but I am still waiting for my own payment.


*Click the image to enlarge! These payments are “In Process” from CircumNews*



  1. Kimberly says:

    So technically you have $350 to cash out with now…can you please post if you get paid? Not one person has been able to ‘prove’ that they have gotten paid yet! I got new articles the second day, but not after that.

    • Kimberly,

      I am adding new information as it comes up. I will certainly be posting a screen shot of the payment if everything comes through correct.


  2. Have you gotten paid yet? I notice it’s about 2 weeks since you put in for the first payout. Any luck?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Following very closely – waiting to see if you receive payment. I am at $203 but I don’t want to promote it on my social media until I know it’s legit.

  4. My acct was gone the other day, and is now back today. I am thinking they may have had a glitch, but not sure. I have not reached payout level yet, but I am going to keep going. I am really hoping this is real and not some hoax.

  5. Larry says:

    I have got the incorrect log in problem as well. I emailed them on Nov.17th and have not received a reply. The only thing I have is the original confirmation email from when I signed up. I was at $40, but right now it looks like that will never come to fruition. Too bad this was looking like an easy way to make some extra money. Oh well. Keep us posted if you ever get paid, but honestly I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. Bob Barker says:

    have you gotten paid yet

  7. Cindy says:

    I started on 11/6 on 11/7 cashed out 200.00 because it was 100.00 then. Now it is 350.00 but I am waiting to see if I get the 200.00 before I cash out what I have now and that is more then 700.00 . I should be paid by 25th. as for you by the 23rd I think

  8. Danielle Jones says:

    I was wondering if you ever received your payment? I signed up yesterday bit still havent found anyone that recieved payment.

  9. I’m new here.. just happened up on your thread as I was searching for any new info on Circumnews validity. As with everyone else, I am unsure and waiting for some screen shots or some type of proof of payment. However, I wanted to just say to some of the above commenters. Apparently it is paid out in 14 “business” days, not just 14 days. In which case, if this is true.. if she cashed out on 11/5 she “should” get her cashouts early next week.. say 11/25 to maybe sometime around Thanksgiving.. then take into consideration Thanksgiving and not knowing if cashouts would even post during a holiday. I am so anxious to find out all of this also. I wish I knew someone who could post some valid proof 🙁

  10. any updates of anyone actually getting paid?

  11. Anything yet? 🙂

  12. Jamie Laitala says:

    I have a picture of a girls actual payout from circumnews.com so i am guessing its legit…

  13. I cashed out yesterday, was just wondering if you had received your funds yet! 🙂

  14. Jackie says:

    Do you have proof of payment yet?

  15. Nichole says:

    I’m getting close to the payout amount and wondering if you’ve gotten yours yet. I haven’t founf anyone that has made it passed the processing phase.

  16. karen says:

    alright so its nov.28,2013 now sooo got paid yet?

  17. Today is December 1. Have you received payment yet?

  18. Have you been paid yet? I submitted two payments on the 8November13 and it’s not went thru yet.

  19. Danielle Jones says:

    I have searched daily for proof of someone getting paid. Not found anything yet but i’ll wait a little longer and see. If anyone sees anything let us know!

  20. Brenda Jensen says:

    Jamie Laitala Is there any way you can post a picture of the actual payout?
    I requested a payout (my first) of 353$ today, 12/2/2013. I figured 14 working days to be 12/20/2013 or no later than 12/21/2013. Will post if I receive anything!!

    • I would like to see it as well.

    • I also saw a “payment proof” on Facebook. The link is no longer available because it was removed (of course!). Anyway, the “proof” was obviously a poor Photoshop job. Upon inspection it was easy to see the difference in font where the person inserted “Circumnews.” There were other red flags on the screen shot that many people pointed out. Discrepancies such as parts of the payment information being in bold that does not occur with genuine PayPal information, etc.

      • Natasha,

        That is awful that someone did that, but sadly it does happen! I’ve been searching for anyone that got paid and I’ve not found anything yet. If you find anything before I do, please feel free to let me know or email me!

        Thanks for stopping by!

        • Jamie Laitala says:

          Yes the picture i had was also said to have been photoshopped..so i don’t know..i lost the picture when my computer had to be set back to factory settings. 🙁

          • I’m hoping that I can track down a for sure screen shot soon! I’ve seen several, but nothing that I feel is real enough yet to share with our fans.

  21. Hi guys! Did any of you have to enter your first and last name to do a payout? It’s saying they need my PayPal account number as well as my first and last name. I’d rather not have to enter my name since we don’t know yet how safe this site is.

  22. The payout name is not circumnews, it’s ITL corporation. I’ve seen a screen shot of a close friend who got paid.

    • Jessica,

      We would love to see that!

      Can you email us with it so that we can see as well?

      • Just sent you one Erika. It’s from my blog (Foupon Lady)

        • Thanks Jessica!

          • Mandy Diller says:

            I’d like to see it as well? I have payments “in process”, i’d love to know if it’s real or not.

          • Mandy,

            Since I can not confirm anything from the screen shot that was provided to me, I’m not going to be posting it right now.

            The only thing that I’ve gotten that *might* confirm it is what can directly from PayPal and that has been added to the post.


    • Cindy says:

      Is it someone you know personally and you trust? There are apparently fake “proofs” going around. Alot, if not all, of them are very noticably photoshopped. On another forum a person posted a thing saying the company has obviously been reported to the BBB and has had 1 complaint saying no response but it didnt say what the “no response” was towards.. whether it was payout or if it was just no response from the company, it did not detail. I would absolutely love to see some good, hard evidence and proof that this is real. I keep waiting. I cashed out on December 3rd @ around $351. If the calender is correct that makes it available around December 20th.. just in time for Christmas. Also on the other forum though, the leader of the board, who also is doing Circumnews cashed out on November 6th and still has not received her funds yet.

      • Marie says:

        Checked out her blog but no photo proof is uploaded just a statement that she’s seen it.

        • Marie,

          The screen shot was submitted to me, but I can not find anything that says that yes it is CircumNews.

          The screen shot that I included from PayPal is the only thing that *might* give us some hope!


    • Brenda J. says:

      Jessica Jones…..no one has actually posted a screen shot or proof of actual payment….are you able to do that? Do you have any idea if payout was made in 14 working days or much longer? Thanks for any info you are able to provide…..

  23. Debbie Braconnier says:

    So you do have payments being processed through and this is legit?

    • Debbie,

      I do have payments that are processing. I have not gotten a payment to my PayPal yet, but others have said that they have.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  24. Cindy says:

    The payments processing on the Circumnews site are staying as processing. The up-in-the-air question is if anyones gotten paid via Paypal yet from Circumnews and no one as of yet has given proof, although a bunch say they have gotten their payouts. I think some might be getting confused as to what we are all waiting on. I’ve seen some ask if anyone has payments processing, unfortunately there are no payments processing on Paypal.. only through the Circumnews site. Unfortunately.. that doesnt mean anything to any of us, those payments can stay as “processing” through Circumnews and never actually process through Paypal. If mine happens to post, I will definitely email proof to Erika and I’ll be more then happy to provide proof to any one. We’re all in this together 🙂 I’m just starting to think it’s not gonna happen. It’s been way passed time for several people I know to get their payouts and they have not received anything yet.

    • Cindy,

      I totally understand.

      I’ve only had the one “screen shot” submitted and we could not verify that it was accurate.

      • Ya, I’m seeing that alot on the other forum I am following as well. People “say” they are getting paid and can provide proof or knows someone who can but it never comes up. The ones that do show up are obviously very manip’d. It’s annoying. After I left here earlier I went to the other forum and read an update that the moderator has yet another person saying they have been paid AND showed a proof screenshot AND that it actually looks legitimate. She is waiting on the person to get back to her and give her permission to post it publicly because she actually does. If it gets posted I will let you know.

  25. before she actually does*** typo.. sorry lol

  26. I just cashed out today so will see what happens. I’m curious if anyone that has posted on this sight have received their payments as the last post I see was from Dec. 12th.

    • My payment was due 12/19 and my other payment was due 12/26. I have not received anything.

    • Brenda says:

      I would like to know if anyone has EVER been paid. I have submitted 2 requests for payment and now my amount is over $700 but have not received a payment as of yet. Just wanting to know if I am wasting my time.

    • Brenda Jensen says:

      On 12/2/13 I cashed out for $354 and on 12/26/13 I cashed out for $357. The one from 12/2/13 is still showing in process. I have serious doubts about ever being paid, although I am getting new news every day. I’m seriously considering checking into internet fraud or scam websites to see if anyone can find out anything definite about this company.

      • Cindy says:

        I’ve been keeping up with a couple of forums.. this and another. Unfortunately I have not yet seen proof positive. I also am still awaiting payment. My payment should have been in on or around Dec.20 and still nothing. The other forum I have been following has had a couple of people say they had proof but the proof never shows up to the moderator. The moderator herself was supposed to receive payment around Thanksgiving and still has yet to receive hers. If I ever find out more in the mean time, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated but as of yet.. nothing I can prove beyond a shadow that it is real. I wish I had good news to share 🙁

      • Today I tried to sign in to read more new news and I couldn’t sign in…said I had incorrect username or password..I tried a couple times and couldn’t sign in. Will check again later or tomorrow. I have my doubts too about getting paid..but I sure hope I am wrong.. I really could use this money. I already spend enough time on here answering surveys to make a little extra money as it is.

        • Brenda J says:

          That also happened to me, Lori…..early on in my logging in to site. After a couple of days, everything went back to normal. Everything except getting paid that is.

  27. Mandy Parker says:

    I started CircumNews in November, i’ve cashed out numerous times for nearly $2,000 dollars and have received nothing in my paypal account. I’ve sent numerous messages to CircumNews with no response. I’ve contacted paypal asking if CircumNews has paid their employees, 2 different paypal employees said CircumNews does not have a paypal account but that could also mean they have an account in a different name. I’ve given up hope and stopped logging into the site. 🙁

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