Clog 101: How To Conquer Common Clogged Drains


Have you ever stepped into your shower and found standing water? What about flushing the toilet for it to just sit there and refuse to go down? We’ve all had a moment of clogged pipes that just made us feel like we wanted to cry. Working with Roto-Rooter this year as a brand ambassador has given me the chance learn a lot about how to manage these little frustrations. The result is I have some great tips for you!

Clog 101: How To Conquer Common Clogged Drains

The clogged toilet: Let’s get the worst one over first. A clogged or overflowing toilet is never easy to deal with. Whether you have bad pipes, or a child that chose to flush the entire roll of toilet paper that morning, it’s just not a pleasant experience. To make it easier, I have some basic tips to follow.

• Remove as much waste as possible. This is a gross job, but if the kids have stuffed extra toilet paper into the toilet, a long glove and a bucket are your friends.
• Use your plunger while flushing to help keep flow of water going down.
• Utilize Roto-Rooter specific toilet clog products to loosen any waste that is too large to go down pipes.

The clogged shower drain: If you have a house with anyone that has long hair, then a clogged shower drain is probably pretty common. It’s a simple thing to correct yourself when you simple stay on top of cleaning. At least once per week, take the time to clean the hair out of the drain. This helps to keep it clear of clogs. Unfortunately, soap and hair can form balls of hair that quickly become a blockage in your drain pipes.
• Regularly remove hair from drain.
• Install a better trap on your drain so hair doesn’t go down and clog in the future.
• Do a routine cleaning and flushing of the pipes with Roto-Rooter products to help keep the hair care products from building up and creating a blockage.

The clogged sink drain: This one is one of the worst to encounter, but also one of the easiest to fix. A clogged sink drain is something everyone has at some point. These tips will help you to conquer this common clogged drain issue.
• Avoid pouring food products down the drain unless there is a garbage disposal to utilize.
• Never pour oils or grease down your drains.

These tips are ideal for helping you solve some basic clogged drain issues without pulling in the plumber!