DIY Plumbing Fixes Anyone Can Manage


Are you worried about paying a plumber for anything involving your bathroom or kitchen repairs? Don’t worry. There are tons of simple DIY Plumbing fixes that anyone can manage. Between our tips and the tutorials available out there from others, you’ll easily be able to manage common issues with your plumbing.

DIY Plumbing Fixes Anyone Can Manage

Our sponsor, Roto-Rooter, has some amazing tips and products to help anyone become a DIY plumbing master. This is especially helpful for women who feel like this may be a man’s job traditionally. Plumbing clogs and frustrations may not be the fun things to DIY, but you can still save some money and fix problems in no time.

Maintain a healthy septic system. While most people living in the city are on a municipal utilities sewer system, there are still some of us who use a septic system at home. If you have ever experienced a backed up septic tank, you know how frustrating it can be. Some tips to make sure your septic system is in good shape are below.

• Have your septic system checked annually to see if it is getting too full. Make sure that it is flowing as it should and that all field lines are operating at 100%.
• Avoid pouring food waste down drains or toilets. Things like grease and even peels or scrap food can create clogs in your plumbing that often prevent your septic system from working correctly.
• Utilize septic treatment products from companies like Roto-Rooter on a regular suggested basis to help make sure you have the right balance for proper breakdown.

Regularly clean your faucets. Have you ever stood under a shower and felt it only trickle water out instead of the full blast you expected? This often comes not from water pressure issues, but faucets and fixtures that haven’t been maintained. Clean you faucets regularly to remove gunk, built up soap scum, rust, and other common issues. This will help your sinks and showers to work better and relieve your frustrations.

Fix leaky toilets. One of the biggest frustrations with a toilet is how it can so easily leak or keep running after it is done filling back up. Replacing the handle and tank valve can be a fast and easy fix anyone can manage. Simply follow the directions on the packaging for most replacement parts and you’ll fix a leak or drip in no time.

These tips are easy DIY plumbing fixes that everyone can manage and benefit from in their home.

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