DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket


DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

Are you having a hard time finding St. Patrick’s Day home and party décor? Stores seem to offer pretty slim selections for this holiday, and as a result you may find your home looking a little bare. Well this year, why not make your own frugal St. Patrick’s Day décor? This St. Patrick’s Day treat bucket is a cinch to make and looks like something that would come out of a custom craft shop. It is easier to make than you may think, so take a look below to see how you can get started on your own!

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

Supplies needed:
Small clay flower pot
Black craft paint
Green ribbon
Green glitter foam or craft paper
Gold glitter
Craft glue

We were able to find all of these supplies except for the flower pot at our local dollar store. You can find basic clay pots at hardware stores, gardening centers, even Walmart for around $1. You may even have one in the garage or shed so take a peek before you buy one!

1. Begin by applying a coat of black paint to your flower pot. Allow it to dry completely. Apply a second coat if needed.
2. Wrap a length of ribbon around the pot and secure it with glue.
3. Cut a square out of your craft paper or glitter foam. You want it to be about 2 inches by 2 inches in size. Fold the square in half, cutting another square out of the center. This will give it the appearance of a belt buckle like leprechaun would wear. Apply some glue and place the buckle over the craft ribbon.
4. Fill the bucket with gold garland or tinsel. This will resemble the gold in the leprechauns bucket.

You can now fill the treat bucket with candy such as chocolate gold coins or mint meltaways! It is the perfect touch of Irish charm to add to your home or office, or to use for party décor.

Who says St. Patrick’s Day décor needs to be pricey? Give this simple DIY project a try and see what you can create!

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  1. Very cute! Just starting to think about St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  2. This is totally adorable! So creative and cute. Thanks for sharing this idea! – Bre @ Average But Inspired

  3. So adorable. I never think of decorating for St. Patrick’s Day.

    • It is one of my favorite holidays and my aunt’s birthday as well 🙂 We love to get creative with the children as well with homeschooling lessons!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Suzan says:

    I love this. I already have all the supplies. I think I will have my kids make them and fill with rolos to give to their teachers. My boys are only 3 and 5 so I’m sure they will turn out pretty unique which I’m sure the teachers will smile at. Thank you!


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