50 Easter Egg Fillers {Candy & Toys!} to Buy on Amazon

50 Easter Egg Fillers {Candy & Toys!} to Buy on Amazon

Can you guys believe that Easter will be here before we know it?! It’s SO close! I’m getting our stuff prepared by order Easter Egg Fillers on Amazon! If you want to get a head start on your shopping, this list is for you! I’ve picked out some GREAT items that you can buy and save yourself time by just having them shipped to your house!

Check out this awesome list and then leave a comment letting me know which item is your favorite on this list!  

Easter Egg Fillers {Candy & Toys!} to Buy on Amazon

1. Fun Express Assorted Sticky Stretchy Toys (100 Piece/Unit)

2. Flashing LED Light Up Toys, Glow In The Dark Bumpy Rings, 18-Pack

3. Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count)

4. Toy Cubby Mini Pull Back and Go Fast Racing Car. 12 pcs

5. Super Cool Toy Assortment (100 Pieces)

6. 144 Plastic Glitter Rings

7. 144 Mini Easter Eraser Assortment

8. Rhode Island Novelty Assorted Plastic Stamps, 50 Count

9. Vinyl Glitter Sticky Hands 1 1/4″ (72 count)

10. Haribo Happy Hoppers Gummi Candy Individually Wrapped

11. Lot Of 500 Assorted Easter Theme Stickers

12. Fun Express Vinyl Stretchable Flying Frogs – 12 Pieces

13. Fun Express Smile Face Bouncing Balls (1-Pack of 48)

14. Rhode Island Novelty 100 Assorted Plastic Stamps

15. Colorful Easter Eggs Filler Ninja Warrior, pack of 20

16. Microsaurs Tiny Dinosaurs Figures – Lot of 20

17. Easter “He Lives!” Roll of Stickers. (100 Stickers Per Roll)

18. Dazzling Toys Hearts/animal Print Slap Bracelets – Pack of 50

19. Dozen Nylon Tie-Dyed Slap Bracelets

20. Wind-Up Colorful Flipping Bugs – 6 pieces

21. Flying Stretch Easter Bunnies

22. Glow In The Dark Bouncing Balls (4 dozen/48 balls)

23. Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs and Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs Pack of 2

24. Glitter Easter Tattoos (72 Pack)

25. 24 Pieces Assorted Wind-up Toys for Kids Party Favors

26. Jumping Rabbits (12 Count)

27. 24 Safari Zoo Theme Finger Puppets

28. Sea Life Animals, 12 Count

29. Story Time 10 Count Velvet Animal Finger Puppets

30. Play-Doh Party Bag Dough, 15 Count

31. 12 Dinosaur High Bounce Balls

32. 72 pc Easter Fun and Games Mini Activity Coloring Books

33. Kit Kat Crisp Wafers in Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Ears

34. Easter Decorations Basket Fillers, Packs of Bunny Bubbles

35. Chocolate Easter Candy Eggs (Approx. 88 Pcs. Per Unit, 1 Lb.) Pastel Color Wrappers

36. Skittles Original and Starburst Original Candy Easter Laydown Bag, 57 Fun Size Pieces

37. New Sweet and Sour Starburst – 3 Lb Bulk Bag

38. Fun Express Stretchable Candy Bunny Bracelets (Pack of 12)

39. Sour Patch Kids Candy, Original, 240 Count

40. Air Heads, 2 Pound Bag

41. Sour Balls Hard Candy, 4 Pound Bag

42. Salt Water Taffy, 3 Pound Bag

43. Disney Princess Gummy Bands Candy, 18 Individually Wrapped Bands

44. Easter Metal Pastel Colored Yo Yo, 24 Count

45. 2 Dozen Vinyl Easter Finger Puppets

46. 6 Easter Pop Up Pens

47. Vinyl Mini Easter Flying Disks

48. Plastic Jumping Frogs, 144 Piece

49. Easter Magic Scratch Shapes, 24 shapes with Scratchers and Ribbons

50. Iconic Easter Roll Stickers (100 Per Roll)