Declutter Your House & Pay It Forward with Give Back Box (No Cost to You!!)


Declutter Your House & Pay It Forward
with Give Back Box (No Cost to You!!)

With the Christmas rush ending, you might be realizing that you need to make some space for the new items that your family received for Christmas. Even if your family did some decluttering before Christmas, there might be more still that you need to get rid of. I know that getting closest and other areas of your house decluttered can be quite a task. On the other hand, you might be like me and have a stack of stuff that you need to take somewhere for donations and just have not managed to fit it in your schedule. No matter which type of person you are, Give Back Box is perfect for you! If your wallet is feeling a little light after Christmas, have no worries because Give Back Box is 100% FREE for you to use!

I was SO excited to learn about Give Back Box because we do almost all of our Christmas Shopping online with Amazon Prime! (P.S. – If you don’t have Prime, what are you waiting for?! There are SO many fantastic benefits to have it including the FREE 2-Day Shipping, Free Movies & Shows, Free Music, and much more! You can get a 30 FREE Trial if you have never had Prime!) Because we do almost all of our Christmas Shopping online with Amazon, that means that we always end up with LOTS of boxes that make our living room look like an Amazon Warehouse!

Give Back Box has made everything SO simple for you to declutter your house & pay it forward at the same time. All you have to do is keep the boxes intact that you received your online orders in (not just from Amazon, but from ANY place!). Pack your boxes as full as possible with items that your family no longer needs. Once you have your box full, you just tape them all up and place the label on it. If you have a busy schedule, you can arrange for a pick up or you can take it and drop it off at your local USPS or UPS location. Even if you did not shop online for Christmas and you have cardboard boxes around your house, they can be used! 


If you do not have access to a printer at home, when you click on “Print Your Label”, you can switch it to save the label as a PDF to your computer. Since we do not have a printer at home right now, I created my labels and then uploaded them to a local printing service to have them printed. To have 10 labels printed, it cost me a little over $1.00 and that is a great way to spend a buck if you don’t have a printer! You could also print them at a local library. (TIP: When you save the PDF, it will save it as two pages – but the second page is blank. Make sure that you switch it to just page 1 before saving! Since I do not have a printer at home to double check this for y’all, I would assume that printing will do the same thing. I would certainly check!) You are welcome to send as many boxes as you want, but you will need a different table for EACH box that you are sending.

The boxes are routed directly to the nearest participating local Goodwill® organization. That means that the items that you are donating are benefiting local communities in your area – and that makes my heart happy! In addition to there being no limit on how many boxes you can send, there is NO limit on the weight of the boxes either. You can ship any household items such as clothes, shoes and jewelry are appropriate. You cannot ship any electronics, any liquids, fragile, hazardous or volatile items, or ammunition in the boxes. If you want to claim your donations as a tax deduction, just sign up for a FREE account with Give Back Box. Inside your account, you can get a Tax Deduction Receipt! 

If you have any other questions you can visit the FAQ page for Give Back Box or you can head over and Print Your Labels! Just remember, you MUST have a label for EACH box that you are shipping! You can NOT print 2 of the same label and use it on two different boxes! When you print your label, you are also given a tracking number so you can track your boxes if you would like. 

The Living Frugal with Erika household has 10 labels ready to pick up from our local printing company and we are going to be packing boxes this week to get sent off! We are going to keep going until our entire house has been decluttered. Not only are we going to do this now, we are going to keep a box in our house that we can drop items into and print a label when it is full! Knowing that we are able to give back while also decluttering our house – this is something that I’m going to stay on top of! I hope that our readers will join us!