Why We Are Going Gluten Free + How Our Gluten Free Journey is Going

Why We Are Going Gluten Free + How It Is Going

Why We Are Going Gluten Free + How Our Gluten Free Journey Is Going

Over the last few months in the Living Frugal with Erika household, we have been working toward going gluten free. We have been trying out so many different recipes and it has been a fun adventure for our family! The most common thing that I have heard so far is, “What do you eat?!”. Well, we eat food of course! But in all seriousness, we actually get to eat tons of different foods. There are so many companies now that make Gluten Free options in their foods that is has been a fairly easy transition for our family. We have realized that after being at this for a few months, it will be a slow transition for our family but we have made SO much progress in the right direction. I am so happy that our family has taken a big leap of faith in getting to a much more healthy lifestyle than we were.

One major thing that I have noticed is that we had to cut out almost all of our processed foods in order to go Gluten Free. Gluten is EVERYWHERE, really!! When you start learning to read labels to find out if there is gluten in the product, it will NOT say “Gluten”. It will be hidden as lots of other words. Just a few of them are “Triticum vulgare” (wheat), “Triticale” (cross between wheat and rye), and “Hordeum vulgare” (barley). Those are not words that you would think to look for and in the beginning I made many mistakes. Chances are that you will as well and even now after months of research I am still learning so much. I’m very excited to be sharing our Gluten Free journey with our readers! If you ever have any questions about going Gluten Free, feel free to post in our Deal Group or send me a message on our Facebook Page! I might not know all the answers, but I will try my best to help you out or point you in the right direction to get your answer!

Why We Are Going Gluten Free

I’ve been asked many times by friends and family on why we decided to go Gluten Free. Depending on the situation for other people, you will hear many different answers. For our family, there are two different reasons and both go hand in hand. Both my wife and I have chronic pain for different reasons and it is not always an easy journey. In September of 2014 my wife had been having lots of doctors appointments back to back due to her chronic pain and other health issues. One thing that was brought up in one of her appointments was that her chronic pain levels could be at a higher level because of a gluten allergy. I have a few friends that are allergic to gluten, so that is when we started researching. We were about three weeks into cutting out things that had gluten in them and got back her test results. As it turns out – she was actually not allergic to gluten. I have yet to get around to having myself tested and have decided at this point not to even worry with it. I feel SO much better being gluten free that I never want to look back! Even though my wife was cleared from having a gluten allergy, this change has also helped her out a lot as well! We are going gluten free to live a more healthy lifestyle!

How It Is Going

As I said in the beginning of this post, it has been fairly easy because of the companies that now make Gluten Free versions of their products. I honestly can say that the research part and reading labels have been the most “hard” part of this process. We have made our mistakes and we are learning from them. We keep list of how gluten can be hidden on labels, we keep list of companies that have separate facilitates for their gluten free products, list of companies to avoid, and list of meals that we have tried and liked. I love that our family is now eating more nutritious meals, less processed crap, and eating a home almost always. I have to say that after talking with my friend Kristi is what really jump started us to finish up our journey and kick it into high gear. Gluten Free foods can often be more expensive if you are still purchasing certain items. There are still a few things that we do purchase because we enjoy those better than alternative versions. I’ve often heard people say that they did not think that they could do the Gluten Free lifestyle because the food would be awful. But I have to say that I really do disagree with this statement. We eat lots of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and meats. I do believe that if we had made this transition a few years ago that it would not have been as easy because there were not a lot of replacements by major companies. After talking to several friends who went Gluten free years ago, Gluten Free options were very much cardboard tasting items a few years ago. I do love that some restaurants we visit have Gluten Free options as well! We do not eat out often, but sometimes when we are out of town or meeting up with friends we do. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about our Gluten Free journey and I look forward to writing more about it in the future!


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