Easy Grab & Go Morning Meals with belVita Breakfast Biscuits

Easy Grab & Go Morning Meals with belVita Biscuits


Easy Grab & Go Morning Meals with belVita Breakfast Biscuits


No matter the size of your family, mornings are always crazy! Trying to make sure that everyone has breakfast before they head out the door to school and finding time to make sure that I eat breakfast as well can cause a big headache. Having items like belVita Biscuits on hand can make your mornings much easier! With so many different options to pick from, everyone in your family will find a flavor that they love!

 Toasted Coconut belVita

For our older kids who are headed off to work they can easily pick out a belVita item, some fruit, and a container of milk. I can typically find the older kids grabbing their items and dashing back to their rooms to finish getting ready for the day. I feel happy know that when they have had their belVita item of choice along with a serving of fruit and milk that they are headed out the door with 4 hour sustained energy!

belVita Bites

For me, I love how simple it is for me to grab a pack along with fruit and milk to head into my home office for the day. It’s the perfect option to have on my desk and start my day off right with something that not only is going to give me 4 hours of sustained energy – but delicious as well!

belVita Strawberry Yogurt Sandwich Close Up

Just as with many other things, it seems like every person in our family has their own personal favorite. The smallest ones in our family love the Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bites and the Chocolate Bites. They seem to think that they are getting away with a “sweet treat” for breakfast, but I feel good know that it’s healthy and they are heading off for their day with a fully belly! Me personally, I’m totally in love with the Soft Bake Banana Bread. It really does feel like you are getting to eat your “sweet treat” for breakfast! While one of the teenagers is in love with the new Toasted Coconut, the other is in love with the new Strawberry Yogurt Sandwich! No matter what choice they pick, I’m happy with it!


 If you are ready to make your morning easier, just use the store locator and head to the cracker aisle to pick out your new favorites!
Plus, you can save on your purchases by using the rebate that is available! 

Make sure you check out these new flavors: 
• belVita Breakfast Biscuit Bites in Cinnamon Brown Sugar 
• belVita Breakfast Biscuits in Toasted Coconut or Blueberry
• belVita Breakfast Sandwiches in Strawberry Yogurt or Vanilla Yogurt