Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Garden on a Budget

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Garden on a Budget

Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Garden on a Budget


When a friend recently asked me to help her establish a garden in her new home I did a little happy dance in my own garden while birds, bees and butterflies fluttered their wings and flew off in alarm at my antics. Any gardener will tell you that there is a unique joy in starting a garden from scratch and watching it bloom exactly how you imagined. When I arrived and saw the very sad and highly neglected state of said garden I groaned out loud but was also secretly thrilled because I absolutely adore a gardening challenge! There are many inexpensive ways to take care of take care of your garden – today I’ll share with you two tips that have proven useful to me:

Create Mini Flower Gardens

Use containers and flower pots then choose the right mix of just three plant types to create the most spectacular mini flower gardens! You can get some great planters and plant pots at an affordable price with coupons for Kohls. Then, plan your composition carefully – something tall as the centerpiece, and something to add height such as ornamental grasses or caladium is the first step. Then you need a spiller, something that will drape over the edges of the container and also give your garden that slightly more established feeling – petunias and ivy are good choices for this. Now choose the fillers – these are rounded plants that will fill up the open spaces in the container, things like begonia and geraniums work well.

Reuse Planting Mediums Where Possible

It isn’t necessary to buy new planting mediums (that’s a fancy gardening term for soil in case you hadn’t realized!) every season or year. As long as you enrich the soil with compost and a little slow release fertilizer, you’re good to go! I’ve got my own organic compost heap that I’ve been working on for years so I didn’t have to buy any, but if you approach anyone with a particularly beautiful garden you’ll most likely find they have some they’re willing to sell. Just remember that there are some plants that affect the PH of soil so either neutralize it or use that soil for plants that prefer acidic or alkaline conditions.

 And if you have any questions about certain plants or combinations, or questions about gardening in general, then head to your local nursery. There is bound to be someone who can is able and happy to help you. If you prefer you can also go online to gardening forums for new gardeners – and don’t be shy to ask any neighbors with well established gardens to help! Gardeners LOVE to give advice, and they might even share a few seeds and cuttings to help you get on your way as well!


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