The Design of Mood Lighting: Creating Atmospheric Ambiance

 The Design of Mood Lighting Creating Atmospheric Ambiance


The Design of Mood Lighting: Creating Atmospheric Ambiance


In our human existence, light has symbolized divine purity, with darkness acting as the frightening unknown. Today we have the distinct pleasure of heightening our senses and molding our perceptions through the manipulation of light. When cleverly employed, lighting design can greatly influence our moods. Whether we’re looking to entertain our friends or settle in after a long day, light has the uncanny ability to sway our experience of space, for better or worse.

Perhaps no one said it better than Ingo Maurer, “Light can be sensual; it can be comforting; it can even be dangerous. It goes beyond science or nature, or even art—it is as potent as life itself.” There are a number of lighting choices when it comes to the design of your space. Lamps, sconces, chandeliers, and LED lights (among others) can assist you in generating an atmosphere devoted to fun, excitement or self-preservation. Looking to engage in some innocent flirtation or some good-humored fun?

Here are a few ideas to help put you in the right mood.


Hosting a Party

Revelry and merrymaking requires a certain finesse. Understanding the set of circumstances in which your group of friends feel most relaxed, comfortable and free-spirited will help you to create a party atmosphere of fun and mayhem! Designing your space using a brighter light will focus the energy of the room on what’s at hand—the party! Bright light has been found to amplify optimism and encourage involvement. Though keep in mind, party guests don’t like being singled out by a spotlight. The Dioscuri table lamp by Artemide not only compliments the geometry of your room with its spherical perfection, but its softly bright ambient glow will light up your room and invite your guests into warm embrace. Watch as your friends huddle around the coffee table, putting down their most scandalous card concoctions for a Cards Against Humanity win. The hand-blown bright white design of the Dioscuri lamp will settle your guests’ nerves and get them out of their shells in no time!


Dinner for Two

When you have spent all day preparing a romantic dinner, the last thing you want is for your partner to be preoccupied by thoughts of work or deadlines. Soft, muted light minimizes distractions and will enhance the features of your face, helping your significant other to see only you. One way to help you achieve this tender moment is through hanging a glass lighting fixture directly above your dinning room table, causing the light to cascade down on both of you and set the mood right. The sparkle of the Swarovski’s Crystalline Icicles Single Pendant features a heavy drape of crystals that look to be trickling downward from an invisible waterfall.


Set to Study

Gaining the motivation to sit down and work is hard enough, but maintaining that motivation, especially when there’s a Seinfeld marathon going on, is just about impossible. Not only that, but you’ve begun to notice how heavy your eyelids feel after reading only a few passages from your assigned reading. To aid you in your quest for knowledge, you need to create an atmosphere devoted to learning. One way to accomplish this is by using a single light source that acts as a sort of lighthouse, leading you back to your responsibilities and the task at hand. The Artemide Tizio Classic Task Lamp’s adjustable design focuses its light in whichever direction you so choose, be it on the paper you’re editing or the passage you’re highlighting. The lamp’s sleek and smooth industrial form is as lightweight as it is classically modern, adding a classic, progressive style to your work space.

Light has helped us to evolve throughout time, and with the aid of light, we can form and shape our world as we see fit.


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  2. […] continued my search and found yet another Italian lighting company called Artemide. Like FLOS, Artemide makes really elegant and modern designs too. The more I think about it, maybe […]

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