Tips for First Time Flyers

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Tips for First Time Flyers

For those who have done a lot of traveling by airplane it is no big deal to make it through security, board and relax for a few hours until you reach your destination. But if you are flying for the very first time, it can be a completely different experience. Here are our best Tips For First Time Flyers. Not only will they help soothe fears, but they will also give you the best methods of navigating your first flight without stress.

Tips for First Time Flyers

Arrive At Least Two Hours Early – While it may seem needless, you will be surprised at how quickly that time will fly by. If there are multiple flights leaving around the same time, security checkpoints can easily get backed up. Make sure to plan ahead and be at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.

Wear Comfortable Clothing & Shoes – You will be required to go through security scanners to enter the area gates are at. Being dressed comfortably is important for the flight, but also for check points. Slip on shoes are always the best idea for time saving. Leave all the big jewelry packed in your checked bag or carry on, and wear something that doesn’t require a belt. Being prepared by wearing easy to remove shoes and no extra items to take off for going through scanners will help you get through security quickly.

Check Your Luggage Or Don’t – This one is something that is up for debate amongst many people. It breaks down easily. If you don’t want to be separate from your luggage or to pay a fee for checking, then pack to fit into a carry on. Even long vacations don’t require tons of luggage. With proper planning you can fit everything you need into one carry on bag. If you would prefer quicker security check in, then make sure to check your luggage instead. Lost luggage is rare, but an inconvenience. Traveling with carry on only to be on the safe side.

Have Electronics Easy To Remove From Bags – If you are taking a carry on with electronics (gaming system, laptop, tablet, etc.) make sure to pack them in outer pockets of your laptop bag, suit case or tote. You will have to remove them and put out for scanning in security so having them easy to grab is to your benefit.

Take Motion Sickness Mediation – If you tend to have issues with motion sickness or vertigo, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you start feeling the effect of the motion. Take your medication a half hour before boarding so it is in your system and able to do it’s job during the flight.

Bring Soothing Music – If you have panic attacks or anxiety issues related to flying, look into some soothing music. For some that is classical, but for others it may be the latest Top 40 list. Whatever music helps you to relax or focus on the music instead of where you are is what you should bring.

Travel With A Friend Or Loved One – First flights are scary for anyone. Traveling with a friend or loved one who has flown before makes the experience a lot easier. You have someone to hold your hand during takeoff and to let you know that everything is going as per normal.

Bring Distractions – If motion sickness isn’t an issue for you then distractions are a perfect way to make the flight zoom by. Bring a new book, a tablet with downloaded videos, magazines or your laptop to do work. Keeping your mind busy will help the time fly, and soothe your fears and concerns.

Flying is scary for every person at some point. Your fears or concerns have a place, but they don’t have to overcome you. These tips for first time flyers are sure to help make your first journey through the air an easy and memorable one.

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  1. I’m swinging through from Wake Up Wednesday….I don’t fly often so every time I fly, I feel like first timer. I get super nervous and have travel anxiety.

  2. I’ve done a lot of flying in my life, and one thing I might add to this terrific list is bring a sweater. It can get very COLD up in the air!


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