DIY: Unique Wedding Guest Favors


DIY: Unique Wedding Guest Favors

Coming up with an inexpensive wedding guest favor that is sentimental isn’t easy, but it can be done. If you want your guests to walk away with more than just a plastic trinket, consider one of these ideas. These ideas are unique and can be tweaked to fit with any wedding theme. Check out these unique ideas and let me know which is your favorite.

Dessert bar
A dessert bar is a great focal point for a wedding and it can be made easily and inexpensively. It also makes a great gift for your guests. Make a few desserts and next to each one, place a tray with a recipe card on it. If people love the dessert they take home, they will have the recipe at their fingertips to recreate it anytime they want.

A piece of the bouquet
If you make a “trash to treasure” or a broach bouquet, divide it up at the end of the wedding and give each guest a piece. Be sure to take pictures of each item and place them in a photo album. Then, have each guest sign their name next to the piece they brought home. This can double as a guest book for you after the wedding is over and it serves to remember all the pieces in your bouquet. This is my favorite unique wedding guest favor yet!

A carved magnet
Don’t just give out a magnet- make a special one out of clay, a piece of the bouquet, or even a carved piece of wood. Place them at each guest table and ask that they each take one of their choosing. People need and love refrigerator magnets, so give them one that is representative of you and your big day as a way to say “thanks” for them attending.

A handwritten note
Take the time to write each guest a handwritten note. In the digital age, this is a thoughtful way to reach out and connect with the guests that made the effort to support you on your wedded journey. Add in a funny memory or a touching story so that each guest has something special to take home with them that is meant for them and them alone.

What did you use for wedding favors? Did you use traditional wedding guest favors or unique wedding guest favors? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

photo credit: Keith Bloomfield via photopin cc

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  1. Great tips Erika! My daughter is getting married next year and I’m gathering ideas for her DIY wedding. Thanks for the inspiration – think I may try the wood magnet idea because she’s having an outdoor wedding in the mountains. Glad I found you over at the Monday Funday Party!

  2. Really good tips! My niece is getting married soon and we have been looking for ideas for her wedding. Stopping by from Treasure Box Tuesday.

  3. These are definitely some creative ideas! We didn’t really have any wedding favors, but my husband and I sat down the day after we got married and hand-wrote thank you cards to all of our guests!

    • Rachel,

      That is so wonderful! We are having customized cards designed right now and will be sending them out as well! Can’t say that they will be the day after, but they will be going out after our short honeymoon! Congrats on the wedding and hope to see you around the blog again soon!


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