DIY Lovely Lace Pumpkin

DIY Lovely Lace Pumpkin

If you love the look of lace, you will love these easy to craft lovely lace pumpkins. We made our own in just minutes using supplies from our local dollar store! These lovely lace pumpkins are perfect for crafting on a girl’s night in. This is also a fantastic alternative for children that are too young to carve pumpkins. Check out how simple these are to make and get started on your Lovely Lace Pumpkin today!

Lovely Lace Pumpkin

Here is what you will need:
White pumpkin, either real or faux
Peel and stick white lace butterflies (Dollar Tree, $1 per package)
Black spray paint
Craft glue

If you can’t find a white pumpkin, feel free to color a regular pumpkin with white spray paint. You can do this with both real and fake pumpkins and they still look great!

1. Lay your sheet of lace butterflies on a piece of newspaper. Apply a coat of black spray paint directly to the sheet.
2. Allow the butterflies time to dry. During this time, you can wipe the pumpkin clean so the butterflies will adhere well.
3. Peel the butterflies from the sheet. Take your finger and apply a thin layer of craft glue to the back of each. This will help them adhere better to the pumpkin as well.
4. Press the butterfly to the pumpkin, making sure you apply them firmly. Be sure to press the entire butterfly, especially the edges.
5. Repeat the process until the pumpkin is covered. You can arrange the lace butterflies however you wish.

Your lovely lace pumpkin is now ready to be displayed. If you wish you can add some black ribbon to the stem, or give it a sprinkling of glitter. Either way, it is a fun spin on the traditional pumpkin, and is sure to add some spirit of the season to your home.

Gather your supplies and give this lovely lace pumpkin a try. It is too lovely to pass up! Once you have created your pumpkin, be sure to show them off on our Facebook Wall or in the group! I may even show them off in a blog post!

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