Fabulous Family Cloth and How it Can Save You Cash

Say Ta Ta To Toilet Paper: Fabulous Family Cloth and How it Can Save You Cash

Have you heard all of the buzz about family cloth? Perhaps you have heard a little and still are not sure exactly what it is. Well allow me to explain! Family cloth refers to cloth toilet paper, plain and simple. When you use family cloth, you are replacing the toilet paper in your home with a soft cloth that can then be washed and reused. This technique is not only earth friendly, but it is healthy for you and can very well save you a considerable amount of cash. If you are thinking about making the switch from toilet paper to family cloth, take a look below at how fabulous family cloth can be and how it can save you cash. You just might be convinced that family cloth is for you. Take a peek.

How to Transition to Family Cloth:

First, let’s take a look at what you will need to make this transition. As you will see, all of the items needed are inexpensive and easy to find. You can visit your local retail store or craft store and find just about everything you need.

Supplies Needed:
Choose the fabric of your choice. Some of the fabric types people seem to prefer for family cloth are jersey, flannel, terrycloth, and hemp. Some people even like to use old t-shirts. Remember, if you use fabrics such as terrycloth or hemp you will get a better grip. These fabrics are ideal if you typically like a thicker or textured toilet paper.
Plastic container or cardboard tissue box.
Small trash can
Sewing machine (optional)

1. First, wash your fabric well and allow to dry.
2. Next, cut your fabric of choice into squares. You may wish to cut large squares at 8 by 8 inches or you can cut small squares perfect for children a 4 by 4 inches. You can also cut a variety. Choice is yours.
3. If you like a two ply feel, you can now stack two of your squares together and run a simple stitch along the edges to secure them together. This is where your toilet paper comes into play. This of course is optional. If you choose not to make yours two ply it will still be suitable.
4. Now, place your family cloth in a plastic container or cardboard tissue box. This is a great way to store it while keeping it out of sight.
5. Keep a small trash can near the toilet (covered is best) designated for family cloth to go in when used.
6. Wash your family cloth with your bathroom towels. Then put them back into the box for use again.

While it may feel a little odd at first, you sure won’t feel odd when you are saving hundreds of dollars a year by not having to buy toilet paper. Children and even adults may also find cloth much more comfortable to use than sometimes harsh and irritating paper. All around, family cloth can be a fabulous thing once you know how to implement it in your home!

So give these tips a try and make your own family cloth. You will be surprised how quick your family catches on and how much money you can potentially save. You too will be ready to say “ta ta” to toilet paper!

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