Top 10 Potty Training Tips + How Pull-Ups® Training Pants & Dollar General Make It Even Easier #PottyTrainingTips

Top 10 Potty Training Tips

Top 10 Potty Training Tips + How Pull-Ups® Training Pants & Dollar General Make It Even Easier



When your child starts showing signs that they are ready to potty train, it is important that you start prepping for it. Sometimes your kids will surprise you and show signs out of nowhere, but with these tips – you will be ready no matter what! Even though I have potty trained 3 other kids, the thought of potty training twins scared me. Not much scares me…. but just think about it! Thankfully, they handled potty training like pros and it went by pretty well. Everyone kept asking how we managed to get them potty trained so quick. It’s the same thing I’ve always done, but apparently it works like magic. After so many times of being asked, I decided that it’s time to have a blog post about the Top 10 Potty Training Tips! 

You may be tempted to use diapers while potty training because they’re more familiar to you, but resist the urge. Toddlers thrive on consistency and diapers don’t teach potty training skills like Pull-Ups® Training Pants do.

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The first thing that I want to discuss is signs! One of the most common questions that people ask in relation to potty training is “what signs should I be looking for?”. With all of the kids, they have started between 8 and 10 months with signs. Typical ones that our children have had were things like pulling at the tabs on diapers, motioning or gibberish about taking off the diaper, bringing a diaper to you, squatting down to pee while wearing a diaper, and even hiding while squatting to poop when wearing a diaper. It’s the funniest thing that I’ve ever witnessed with a kid, but with our kids – it is a SURE sign that they are ready. As soon as we realized that the twins were both showing signs, we went ahead and ordered each one of them a potty chair. We then decided that we needed to make a trip to Dollar General to pick up some Pull-Ups® Training Pants so that we would be ready when the time came. If you follow the same tips that we did, you are sure to have your child on the right track to potty training! Keep reading below for the Top 10 Potty Training Tips

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Top 10 Potty Training Tips


1. Introduce Your Child to the Potty & Pull-Ups® Training Pants – If you are going to be starting on a potty chair, your child will need some time to get used to it. Just like with anything new, they are going to be curious and that’s perfectly fine. Let them pick out their favorite characters to have on their Pull-Ups® Training Pants and let them check them out! You can show your child how they compare to undies and how they compare to diapers. It can help your child get prepared for all of these big changes! 

2. Keep It In Sight – One of the biggest tips that I believe in is to keep the potty in sight. The place that you and your child spend the most time during the day, that is where the potty needs to be. When we were potty training the twins, the living room was where we spent most of the days. So, that is where our potty chairs were. For a while, the twins would sit on them like they were chairs and read books. It was fun for them and it allowed them to get comfortable with the idea of sitting on the potty with their safety net of the diaper at the same time. 

3. Get a Timer or Timer App – Once you and your child make the decision to start potty training, you will need to have a timer or a timer app that can be used. A small kitchen timer works fine, but lots of parents decide to use a timer app on their phone. Once you get the timer, make sure that you use it! I suggest that at least every 30 minutes (some people do 45 minutes), you have your child sit on the potty. This helps reinforce the reminder that they can use the potty now. Sometimes they might actually use the potty when you sit them down, and sometimes they will not. Just remember to keep going with the pattern that you pick! 

4. Leave Off the Undies at Home – When you are at home with your child, leave off the undies as much as possible. Most children fight to take off their clothes as it is, so this for most children is a great thing. With our children, I felt like it helped them remember that there wasn’t anything there now to catch when they use the bathroom. It helped them to remember that they have to go to the potty to stay dry. When they did need something on, we went with Pull-Ups® Training Pants because they fit and look more like undies! 

5. Stay Positive – Just like with any other situation, looking on the positive side is always a big help. Children base their emotions off of their parents a lot. So if you are staying positive during the potty training, your child will as well! 

6. Watch for Cues – Every child has cues for when they need to potty. Keeping your eyes watching for cues that your child needs to potty is a big part of potty training. When you notice your child showing cues of needing to potty, go ahead and place them on the potty even if you are between the typical 30 minute time. 

7. Reward Them – Positive reinforcement is a great idea and something that I feel is very needed for potty training. There are many ways that you can reward them. You can use things such as stickers, small pieces of candy, small toys, or even a favorite place (like the library or park). For our family, we used stickers. At the end of each day that they had stayed dry, they got a sticker on their chart. Once they completed a full 7 days in a row of getting a sticker, they were able to “cash in” the stickers for a small toy. 

8. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – For our children, talking about big events and life changes make them a little bit easier to get through. When we were potty training, we talked about “big girl and big boy” things that they would be able to do once they were potty trained. We also talked about and looked at all of the cute, fun new undies that they would be able to get. 

9. Keep It Fun – After potty training so many children, I’ve learned many things. But one of the best things that I’ve learned is to keep it fun during potty training. One of our favorite things is dancing! When they use the potty, we always dance around while singing “Yay, you went to the potty!”. It keeps the children having fun with it while also being positive reinforcement for potty training. You can also get Potty Training Games from Pull-Ups® Training Pants, read books about potty training, or come up with some fun on your own! 

10. Go With the Flow – When you are potty training, there will be good days and there will be bad days. You just have to remember to go with the flow (pun intended 😉 ). When there are accidents, remember that it is a process for you both. In our family, we did not make a huge deal about the accidents. 


We loved using Pull-Ups® Training Pants with the twins and I think that it helped them make the transition a bit easier. The stretchy sides allow toddlers to slide Pull-Ups® Training Pants on and off themselves. That is teaching a valuable skill that they can apply later when taking off their pants and underwear to use the potty. If you love to shop at Dollar General like we do, make sure that you get signed up with the Dollar General Digital Coupons today! You can get coupons for Pull-Ups® Training Pants and many other things! 

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How old was your child when they potty trained? Do you have any other valuable tips to give? If so, leave them in the comments below! 

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