What To Put Under Above Ground Pool On Grass

When installing an above ground pool for adults the most critical thing is to choose the ideal site in your garden for the pool and then preparing the site to support your swimming pool. You should also know what to put under above ground pool on grass before you begin the installation process.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Pool

Avoid these mistakes when installing your above ground swimming pool in your yard.

  • Leveling up the low spots with dirt scoped from the higher grounds. If you do this, the dirt will eventually settle down and your pool will be on the uneven
  • Using excess mason sand. The sand should be used as a buffer from the liner to the surface but not for leveling.
  • Setting the pool’s track on the sand. You shouldn’t put the sand under the track; it should be inside.
  • Not troweling or compacting the sand. First, compact the sand and then trowel it to have a smooth finish.

Things to Put Under Your Pool on Grass

If you know “what is the best above ground pool” and get it, you can easily install it directly on the grass (these pools are designed to rest on grass). But that isn’t recommended since you won’t get a flat, smooth, and slightly resilient or soft padding surface below your pool that can prevent abrasion and punctures to your pool.

Therefore, use any of these materials to lay your pool on.

1. Install your pool on concrete pads

This is a superb base for your swimming pool since it will provide a level and flat surface, which means that your pool won’t shift. But remember that concrete isn’t smooth and might abrade your pool over time. Therefore, you might need to add a layer of sand on top of the concrete.

2. Install your pool on a commercial pad

There are a lot of commercial products that are ideal for placing under your pool if you intend to install it in your garden. Most of these products fit all types and sizes of above ground swimming pool.

3. Install your pool on sand

A layer of sand over the grass is the old way of installing an above ground swimming pool in the garden. It is easy to use and inexpensive and can be combined with other installation methods – like laying sand first and then a commercial pad over it.

4. Install you pool on solid foam

Sand might not be the best to lay on the surface. Therefore, it is advisable to use solid urethane foam sheets, not upholstery foam. Solid foam won’t slide around the surface when you add water to your pool.


Knowing how to level an above ground pool on grass is important but knowing what to put under above ground pool on grass is even critical. So, use any of the material we have listed above and remember not to make the mistakes that people do when installing their pools.

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Pool Deck Paint Guide 2018

Many pool owners put a lot of effort into maintaining their swimming pool, but they often forget about the deck. The deck begins to age and the allure of your pool starts to fade away.

It even gets worse if you believe that the only solution to this problem is replacing your deck. However, there is an easier way to restore and rejuvenate your deck: applying pool deck paint.

The process of painting your pool deck is much simpler than painting a pool, possibly even shorter that the time it would take a robotic pool cleaner for small pools to clean your pool.

Protecting Your Pool Deck

When buying your deck paint, you need to go for a product that will protect the surface from different elements. Concrete has some special needs due to its moisture issues, characteristics porosity, and alkalinity.

Also, an improperly painted deck with the wrong paint wouldn’t stand against the harmful UV rays from the sun, foot traffic, and even the scraping from your pool’s furniture. Your best bet is to get a paint that is designed for swimming pool decks as opposed to getting a general purpose or all-purpose paint.

Designing an Attractive Pool Deck

Your pool deck will look attractive in colors that show the natural outdoor environment. Shades of gray portray natural stone and slate, shades of tan hint at sandy beaches, shades of dusky blue and green bring water in mind, shades of brown and maroon imply masonry and brick.

Although you can simply paint your deck in a single color, the hues will add more appeal if they are combined effectively. For example, a deck that is dusky sea or gray could be complemented by an adobe-colored serpentine path or a brick-colored border that leads to your pool.

The Painting Process

Even if you have the best inflatable hot tub for winter, you need to ensure that you paint it deck properly. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • First, choose the paint that will best suite your deck.
  • Inspect for any crack on your deck. Clean them thoroughly using a wire brush. Also, ensure that you clean your deck.
  • Leave the deck to dry; until it is completely dry.
  • Get your roller, insert it in the paint, and roll it around your deck.
  • You might require little brushes to paint corners and other tight spots.

How to Choose Your Pool Deck Paint

The best paint for your deck should have all of these properties:

Prevent cracking – Precipitation and UV rays from the sun affect the deck and the structure begins to change, which might result in warping.

Wear-resistance – A wear-resistance paint guarantees durability.

Protect the deck from insects and microorganisms – Most decks, especially wooded ones, are a great environment for mold and fungus growth. They also attract insects.

High-quality decorative nature – The paint should preserve the original look of your deck for years.


Getting the best pool deck is a simple as following the above four factors. After that, you can easily paint your deck to ensure that you preserve it and offer it an attractive look.

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Easter DIY: Lil’ Chick Easter Centerpiece

Easter DIY: Lil’ Chick Easter Centerpiece

Are you looking for the perfect Easter or spring centerpiece? Then look no further than the example below. This lil’ chick Easter centerpiece combines just a couple of dollars worth of supplies and turns them into something fresh and fun. You don’t need to be super crafty, and a centerpiece such as this only takes seconds to craft. Take a look at how you can make your own. This is some Easter frugal fun you won’t want to miss out on.

Lil’ Chick Easter Centerpiece

Supplies needed:
Chenille chicks
Small favor bucket
Easter grass
Pin wheel
Craft glue

The Easter grass, favor bucket, and ribbon were all found at our local dollar store. You can find items such as the pin wheel and chicks and your local Hobby Lobby or other area craft supply store. Each was just around $1, making this a very budget friendly craft.

1. Begin by arranging some ribbon around the bucket. Cut it to fit and secure it with glue.
2. Place some Easter grass in the bucket. Make it nice and full.
3. Add a dab of glue to the underneath of two chicks. Press them to the grass. Make them snuggle!
4. Add a dab of glue to the end of your pin wheel. Press it down into the bucket.

Your Easter Centerpiece is now complete. For the time and cost it takes to make these, you can make several for your spring decorating needs!

Gather your supplies and give this frugal and fun Easter craft a try. It is a great way to add some instant Easter fun to your space!

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Paper Banner

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Paper Banner

St. Patrick’s Day décor for your home does not need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, by using some of your crafting scraps you can whip up a simple scrap paper banner such as the one below. A scrap paper banner is a great way to use up those scraps that really aren’t good for anything else and may otherwise end up in the trash. So this St. Patrick’s Day season, get your space looking good for less when you give this easy banner a try!

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Paper Banner

Supplies needed:
2 different patterns of green or St. Patrick’s Day themed scrap book paper

We were able to use scrapbook paper we had leftover from when we made napkin rings. A little really went a long way. You can also opt to use scalloped scissors as we did to give your pennants a little extra flare. The choice is yours. As far as ribbon, check your scrap bin as well or make a quick trip to your local dollar store where they carry a wide selection for just $1.

1. Begin by cutting out 5-7 large triangles. Set them aside.
2. Cut out another set of 5-7 triangles, this time of a smaller size and in a different color or pattern of paper.
3. Using your craft glue, glue the smaller triangles on top of the larger ones.
4. Lay your ribbon out flat. This will make it easy to apply your pennants.
5. Add a dab of glue to the back of each pennant and press it firmly to the ribbon. Press until the glue is dry and you know the piece has adhered well.

Now all you need to do is find somewhere to hang your banner! There are so many options and it is such a great way to add some Irish charm for less.

Gather your supplies and give this St. Patrick’s Day scrap paper banner a try. You are sure to see lots of green while saving yourself some gold.

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DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

Are you having a hard time finding St. Patrick’s Day home and party décor? Stores seem to offer pretty slim selections for this holiday, and as a result you may find your home looking a little bare. Well this year, why not make your own frugal St. Patrick’s Day décor? This St. Patrick’s Day treat bucket is a cinch to make and looks like something that would come out of a custom craft shop. It is easier to make than you may think, so take a look below to see how you can get started on your own!

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

Supplies needed:
Small clay flower pot
Black craft paint
Green ribbon
Green glitter foam or craft paper
Gold glitter
Craft glue

We were able to find all of these supplies except for the flower pot at our local dollar store. You can find basic clay pots at hardware stores, gardening centers, even Walmart for around $1. You may even have one in the garage or shed so take a peek before you buy one!

1. Begin by applying a coat of black paint to your flower pot. Allow it to dry completely. Apply a second coat if needed.
2. Wrap a length of ribbon around the pot and secure it with glue.
3. Cut a square out of your craft paper or glitter foam. You want it to be about 2 inches by 2 inches in size. Fold the square in half, cutting another square out of the center. This will give it the appearance of a belt buckle like leprechaun would wear. Apply some glue and place the buckle over the craft ribbon.
4. Fill the bucket with gold garland or tinsel. This will resemble the gold in the leprechauns bucket.

You can now fill the treat bucket with candy such as chocolate gold coins or mint meltaways! It is the perfect touch of Irish charm to add to your home or office, or to use for party décor.

Who says St. Patrick’s Day décor needs to be pricey? Give this simple DIY project a try and see what you can create!

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Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Mini Meatloaf Recipe #PublixFlavorExcursion

Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Mini Meatloaf Recipe

Last week, we were given the challenge of creating a delicious recipe that used some fantastic ingredients from General Mills products. I was glancing through Kraft’sHunt’sProgresso’sAvocado’s from Mexico’sRo*Tel’s, and Old El Paso’s different recipes to see what we might want to make for our family. I found some that looked seriously delicious, but I was wanting something a little bit different. I spotted a delicious recipe for mini meatloaf and knew that there was only one way that my wife would eat meatloaf – if we used her dad’s recipe. His meatloaf is like a meatloaf and cheese roll (kind of like a pumpkin roll but with meatloaf and cheese!). It is really delicious and I wanted to see if I could make a mini version of them. I knew there was one more ingredient that I could add that would basically guarantee that my wife would eat the meatloaf. And of course that is bacon. Anything with bacon and she’s willing to give it a try. I printed out my coupons and got my shopping list together so that I could head out to Publix and start getting what I needed. As I was gathering the ingredients that were needed for the delicious recipe that I was dreaming up, I knew that it was going to be amazing. I could not wait to make it and see how everyone loved it.

Ingredients Photo


I started off the recipe with a base recipe for meatloaf from Kraft’s Recipes page. I picked it because it was the most simple and straight forward recipe. It did not have crazy ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, brown sugar, and some other crazy things that I have seen while looking around online for a meatloaf base recipe. With just a few twist and modifications, I had it all perfect and I was ready to start cooking. I spent about 30 minutes total prepping everything and then about 30 minutes of it actually cooking. This recipe would be perfect if you needed something quick to make during the week. I’ve also figured out that you can make multiple batches of these and freeze them! Now THAT is a quick idea for busy families!

Bacon Pain

Not only did this recipe end up being a HUGE hit, it was REALLY easy to make. Remember how my wife doesn’t like meatloaf? Yeah, well this recipe caused her to have to literally eat her words! She stole one as soon as they were cool enough to eat and then shortly after when it was time to eat dinner – she made a plate with two and some salad. You can serve just about anything with it. We decided to serve salad with it since using bacon, hamburger, and cheese with this recipe was already going to be a bit heavy and filling. We topped our salad with some fresh cucumbers, croutons, Kraft Honey Mustard Dressing (but of course use your favorite Kraft Flavored Dressing), and some Kraft Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese. It was the perfect end to a lazy Sunday.

Make sure that you check out all of the recipes available from Hunt’sOld El PasoAvocado’s from MexicoKraftProgresso, and Ro*Tel. There are so many recipes that you will enjoy and it is also a great way to change up your menu from the recipes that your family might be tired of eating. Before you head out shopping at Publix, you should also be sure that you grab your coupons and save while you are shopping!

DIY: Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

DIY: Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

Whether you are looking for a great gift in a jar idea or just want a way to banish dry winter skin, this olive oil sugar scrub is for you! Made of a few simple ingredients, this scrub is not only easy to make but quite frugal too! Take a look below at how you can whip up a batch in just minutes, and in no time be enjoying all of the benefits that olive oil and sugar have to offer!

DIY Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

Supplies needed:
2 cups of white sugar
1 cup of light olive oil. Don’t be afraid to use a generic brand as it will work just fine.
2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice. We used lavender but you can use any oil of your choice or no oil at all.
1 teaspoon of dried herb of your choice. Mint, rosemary, lavender, and sage are all great choices!
Glass jar with lid
Scrap fabric

1. Begin by pouring the oil into the jar first followed by the sugar.
2. In a separate bowl, combine the optional essential oil and dried herbs. Mix together well.
3. Pour the essential oil and herb mixture into the jar.
4. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture well. Some settling will occur, and this is ok!
5. Cut a small square of scrap fabric to fit over the lid. This is a great way to dress it up.
6. Screw the lid tightly onto the jar. You do not want any air getting in to dry out the mixture.

When you are ready to use your scrub, simply apply it generously to your skin avoiding your eyes and other sensitive areas. Massage it in a circular motion before rinsing clean with cool water. The oil in the scrub will moisturize and protect your skin, while the sugar will slough away dead skin and impurities.

If you choose to give this scrub as a gift, be sure to include directions for use on a small index card attached to the jar.

This winter, enjoy giving this olive oil sugar scrub as a gift or as a way to treat yourself. You won’t be sorry!

How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

Have you ever wanted to make your own cloth baby wipes? It’s actually very easy!
Read on to find out How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes! After you read the article, feel free to leave a comment as well!

Welcome to The Centisble Cloth Series
Baby on a Budget: How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

While you may have heard that cloth baby diapers are all the rage, you may not have heard that cloth baby wipes are quickly gaining steam as well! Cloth baby wipes are a great substitution to expensive and harsh paper wipes, plus they are a bonus for our already suffering planet. When you choose cloth wipes over paper wipes, you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year. Since baby supplies are already quite pricey, this is a great way to cut your expenses and enjoy your baby on a budget. To find out more, take a look below for a comprehensive overview on how to make your own baby wipes. You don’t have to be a super crafty queen or invest in a great amount of supplies to do so. You just need a few simple ingredients and you will be well on your way. Take a look!

How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

First, let’s take a look at the supplies you will need. Most of these products can be found at your local retail and craft store. As you can see, all are inexpensive supplies and easily accessible.

Supplies Needed:
Soft, flannel material or baby wash cloths
2 cups of room temp water
2 tablespoons no tear baby shampoo
1 tablespoon of baby oil
Spray bottle


1. First, prepare your cloths by cutting the material into 8 by 8 inch squares. Or, if you are using the baby wash cloths just keep them as is.
2. Now, gather your supplies for the wipes solution. This would be your water, shampoo, oil, and spray bottle.
3. Time to mix! Add 2 tablespoons of no tear baby wash and 1 tablespoon of baby oil in the water. Stir.
4. Pour your mixture into the spray bottle.
5. When it is time to change a diaper, spray the flannel wipe with the wipe solution. Use as you would a regular wipe.
6. When finished, you can store your dirty wipes in a trash can or plastic baggie.
7. Wash your wipes when you wash your bathroom towels.

See how easy it is to create your own baby wipes? You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year plus keep thousands of paper wipes out of the landfill. As if these aren’t reasons enough, you can also take comfort in knowing that the ingredients are natural and you can actually pronounce them. Try doing that with your store bought paper wipes!

You don’t have to make these wipes just for babies either. You can keep a small spray bottle and fabric squares in your bathroom or even car in order to clean up dirty hands and faces quickly and effectively. This recipe can also replace hand wipes not only saving you money but providing you with a more natural alternative.

Give this easy DIY a try if you have always wanted to make your own baby wipes. Transitioning from paper to cloth will be a breeze when you see how easy these are to make and how much you can actually save!

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DIY: Cucumber Mint Body Scrub + Free Printable Labels

If you love body scrubs, you are going to love this Cucumber Mint Body Scrub!
It’s SO easy to make and it also makes a wonderful little gift idea! Check it out and then leave a comment below!

DIY: Cucumber Mint Body Scrub + Free Printable Labels

I know that we all need a little relaxation from time to time, and what better way than with a DIY Scrub? Not only is this perfect for relaxing at home, it also makes a wonderful frugal gift idea! Take an afternoon and create this easy DIY Cucumber Mint Body Scrub. I’ve also got these super easy to use Free Printable Labels for you to use with these. This does not have to be kept refrigerated and will last for 6 months! If you find that the mixture has separated, just mix before using! Check out the DIY Cucumber Mint Body Scrub and let me know how you enjoy it!

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Fabulous Family Cloth and How it Can Save You Cash

Say Ta Ta To Toilet Paper: Fabulous Family Cloth and How it Can Save You Cash

Have you heard all of the buzz about family cloth? Perhaps you have heard a little and still are not sure exactly what it is. Well allow me to explain! Family cloth refers to cloth toilet paper, plain and simple. When you use family cloth, you are replacing the toilet paper in your home with a soft cloth that can then be washed and reused. This technique is not only earth friendly, but it is healthy for you and can very well save you a considerable amount of cash. If you are thinking about making the switch from toilet paper to family cloth, take a look below at how fabulous family cloth can be and how it can save you cash. You just might be convinced that family cloth is for you. Take a peek.

How to Transition to Family Cloth:

First, let’s take a look at what you will need to make this transition. As you will see, all of the items needed are inexpensive and easy to find. You can visit your local retail store or craft store and find just about everything you need.

Supplies Needed:
Choose the fabric of your choice. Some of the fabric types people seem to prefer for family cloth are jersey, flannel, terrycloth, and hemp. Some people even like to use old t-shirts. Remember, if you use fabrics such as terrycloth or hemp you will get a better grip. These fabrics are ideal if you typically like a thicker or textured toilet paper.
Plastic container or cardboard tissue box.
Small trash can
Sewing machine (optional)

1. First, wash your fabric well and allow to dry.
2. Next, cut your fabric of choice into squares. You may wish to cut large squares at 8 by 8 inches or you can cut small squares perfect for children a 4 by 4 inches. You can also cut a variety. Choice is yours.
3. If you like a two ply feel, you can now stack two of your squares together and run a simple stitch along the edges to secure them together. This is where your toilet paper comes into play. This of course is optional. If you choose not to make yours two ply it will still be suitable.
4. Now, place your family cloth in a plastic container or cardboard tissue box. This is a great way to store it while keeping it out of sight.
5. Keep a small trash can near the toilet (covered is best) designated for family cloth to go in when used.
6. Wash your family cloth with your bathroom towels. Then put them back into the box for use again.

While it may feel a little odd at first, you sure won’t feel odd when you are saving hundreds of dollars a year by not having to buy toilet paper. Children and even adults may also find cloth much more comfortable to use than sometimes harsh and irritating paper. All around, family cloth can be a fabulous thing once you know how to implement it in your home!

So give these tips a try and make your own family cloth. You will be surprised how quick your family catches on and how much money you can potentially save. You too will be ready to say “ta ta” to toilet paper!

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