8 Tips For Easy Flights With Kids

8 Tips For Easy Flights With Kids

If this summer includes heading out on a vacation with the kids, you know it can be tough to navigate new places and things. Here are 8 Tips For Easy Flights With Kids that are sure to make that first flight with your little ones easier. Not only will these tips save you time and money, but they will definitely save your sanity in the process.


BE READY FOR SECURITY. Make sure everyone has either checked bags or has easy to access items in their carry on bags. If packing liquids follow the standards and keep them in easy to access outside pockets so you aren’t digging through undergarments to find your bottle of shampoo. If taking electronics put all chargers into one large zip top bag. This will make unloading items into the tubs at security simple and quick for everyone.

TALK TO THE PILOT. If it is their first flight and they are younger, you can always check with the attendant at the gate to see if you can meet the pilot before the flight starts. Not only will your kids be thrilled to see the inside of the cockpit, they will be comforted knowing who is in charge of the plane.

PACK A COMFORT ITEM FROM HOME IN CARRY ON. A small blanket, stuffed animal, sweater or other comfort item is great to have for kids of all ages. Whether they are toddlers or teens having something that is soothing is important.

PACK A NEW TOY OR GAME. Having something fun and new to open and use on the flight is a great way to occupy their time. Something new will last longer than the same old things they play with at home. Their level of boredom will be lower and you’ll have more peace and quiet along the way.

PACK FAVORITE SNACKS. As long as it is in an unopened container, snacks are easy to take through security. Crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, fresh fruit, nuts, etc. are great bite sized items to pack in your bag. For longer flights that don’t offer a meal on board, make sure to have something more satisfying to hold them over until you land and can have a regular meal.

ELECTRONICS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Packing your Tablet, Laptop, Handheld Game System, MP3 player or portable DVD player are all great ways to occupy the hours on the flight with little fussing. Pick the most popular new release movie or game and surprise them with it for the flight.

BE PREPARED FOR MOTION SICKNESS. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling ill on a flight. If your child tends to have problems with motion sickness medicating before you board is a great idea. Dramamine is available for both adults and children inexpensively at your pharmacy. An alternative is actually the popular antihistamine Benadryl. Both will relax your child so the motion will hopefully not effect them much if at all.

PACK EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES IN CARRY ON. When traveling with kids you never know what kind of accident, spill or oops might happen. Always come prepared with an extra change of clothes.

Being prepared with just a few simple things can help make your next flight with kids a hundred times easier. These 8 tips for easy flights with kids are basic common sense things, but surprisingly we tend to forget the basics when stressing about travel. Talk to your child and let them know what will be happening and what feelings they may have in the process. Always make sure to show your excitement and not fear so they will follow your lead. Most importantly, have fun and cherish these moments with your children.

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